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Cats on a mission: to solve most back problems

Updated: Apr 3

The cat routine originated in a quest to solve back problems at

A lot of people have problems with their backs. Most of these problems are posture problems, in which the back muscles are not sufficiently developed to maintain the body's position over a long time, resulting in pain, tension or cramps.

Nature has made our bodies sufficiently muscled for body posture. But because we sit a lot, look a lot on our phones, write and read books, watch television and computers, our back is more curled than it naturally would be, and our back muscles are more elongated than they naturally would be. As a result, our back muscles have to work harder to keep an upright body posture, increasing their average load to a higher percentage of their maximum force. This can cause the muscles to become painful and cramped, which can get worse over time.

The cat routine uses the easy initiation of muscle growth to solve back problems, by giving more attention to the back muscles than the front muscles. It generates

  • residual tension in the back muscles, lifting body posture.

  • muscle growth in the back, lowering average load percentage, reducing cramps.

A 1 minute routine, 3 times a week to solve most muscle/posture related back problems.

That is less than 15 minutes a month.

Thank you, Pluisje 🐾

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