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The cat is lazily purring all day, but it is still a phenomenal athlete.


How is that possible ?

The cat does a morning move that we see as stretching, but it's actually a full body muscle activation by 5 seconds tension. This tension unfolds a muscle protein which sets in action the process of muscle growth. We can do that too.


One minute.

Three times a week.

That's all it takes to be as trained as a cat.


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Inspired by Pluisje

"I personally dedicated my whole life at chilling, purring, and pushing the boundaries of maximal laziness, while keeping my cat booty perfectly trained. Through in depth analysis and statistical extrapolation, I discovered that the cat routine needs to be done at least 3 times a week for sustainable results.

Guaranteed: people will start to ask if you go to the gym. But we cats, we didn't go to the gym in a thousand years. We are showing people every morning with our muscle activation stretch how to efficiently train the body, but they just don't get it. How people arrived just below us at the top of the food pyramid, is a big mystery to me."

Dr. Pluisje 🐾

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